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Stock #
TM 7141
Hamilton 16S 21J
The "992" Railroad
Hamilton Model #5 Case
Mint Blindman 576 Dial
Outstanding Condition!
Serial #

  Folks, I've saved the best for Xmas this year...would make perfect gifts! I'm going to offer some authentic 1925-1937 Hamilton 992 and 992Bs cased in their original Hamilton Railroad Model Cases...This one's in it's original box! These are getting very hard to find all original in this condition, and I would like to help preserve these for future generations to admire and collect like we have done. Some will be literally one or just a few that were shipped in certain model and color cases by year, this is a fascinating part of Hamilton railroad collecting, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Circa 1927, Lever Set, Adjusted to Temp. and 5 Positions, Double Roller, RR Grade/Approved, this is a beautiful 992...in a very hard to acquire original box including the cloth shipping sack AND with matching numbers...All original from 1927! Features the correct original double sunk BM (Blindman) #576 dial, and second model movement. These are about gone from the marketplace, everyone is parting them out, and one this nice is a treasure...grab this one while you can!

Case... on this watch is a Wadsworth 14K Model 5 White Gold Filled Case. Serial # on case is #44094, which shows 1927 production and matches the number on the box! It is in excellent condition, still has original sand marks on back! Shows beautifully as you can see. Bow and crown show very nice. Hard to find White GF Model #5 Case!

Dial... is the desirable marked Hamilton double sunk blind man (BM) #576 version. These dials are also tough to find nowdays. Perfect...no hairlines. Beautiful blued Hamilton hands that also show well, all original and correct, just as you'd want it and the way it was delivered in 1927.

Movement... also looks like new on this one. Check out the picture. Features tuxedo second model damaskeening, Fully marked. This watch has just been fully checked by us and is running great!
Folks, this original 1927 Hamilton #5 Model is an important piece of railroad history. Hamilton Factory records show very few 992s were shipped in this 14K White GF Model 5 case in 1927, the first year the Model 5 was available.

This is one of the scarcer cases to acquire. And one like this in it's original box is a treasure indeed.

It's my belief the few remaining examples of these should be preserved. Get this original beauty and pass it down to future generations. Beautiful original 1927 992 in it's original box with matching case and movement numbers at a great price...wow........$599.00









Stock #
TM 7103
Hamilton 16S 21J
"992" Railroad Watch
Mint Original Dial
Crisp YGF J Boss RR Case
Great Looking Early Movement
Gorgeous Early 992..$259!
Serial #

  Circa 1912, Lever Set, Adjusted 5 Positions, Double Roller, Motor Barrel, RR Grade/Approved, this is a beautiful early damaskeened Hamilton 992 with an original mint double sunk Hamilton railroad dial and a very crisp J Boss "Long Neck" Gold Filled Railroad Case. This is the "look" everyone wants in a 992, so don't delay...this one is extra nice...beautifully damaskeened!

Case... is a quality period style Keystone J Boss 20 Yr "Long Neck" yellow gold filled case with a plain polished back. Tight Bow. Nice Crown. Nice glass Crystal. Case alone worth $150 or more at today's prices. Nice example!

Dial... is a beautiful Hamilton double sunk porcelain arabic ds dial. It is mint. Hard to find these early ones in this nice of condition like this one. Perfect matching blued Hamilton hands as well!

Movement... is also extra nice! Early First Model that is beautifully damaskeened! Running and timing well.
Folks, this is one of the nicer early 992 Hamiltons you'll find, especially with this case and dial, and getting harder to find in this condition! If you're after one of the better early 992s you can lay your hands on, this would certainly be worthy of your consideration. What a nice timepiece this will make someone, one they'll be proud to own the rest of their life! This will be around 100 years from now. 21 Jewel Early 992 Railroad with a mint dial, beautiful railroad movement, and a stunning 20 yr YGF J Boss case...All at a Great Price!.......$259.00






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