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Stock #
TM 1552
Hamilton 18S 21J
Fully Marked Movement
Mint Original Dial

Beautiful YGF Case
One Of The Finest
Superior 940!
Serial #

  Circa 1912, LS, marked adjusted 5 positions, double roller, motor barrel, 21 Jewels, RR Grade/Approved, this is a beautiful, fully marked Hamilton 940 in a very nice screw back and bezel yellow gold filled case with a perfect Original Arabic Dial! Wow! One this nice doesn't come around every day, so consider it carefully.

Case.... is a Phila 20 Yr YGF case in excellent clean condition...has a nice crystal and beautiful plain polished back. Like new crown and bow. Shows very well as you can see. Just a beauty thruout!

Dial... is original double sunk glass enamel Hamilton dial with Arabic numerals. Perfect...no hairlines. Nice big bold arabic "blind man's" numerals. Beautiful blued hands. Stunning original flawless double sunk Dial.

Movement... is also like new on this 940. It is the scarcer, fully marked version marked "21 Jewels", "Double Roller", "Motor Barrel", "940", and "Adjusted 5 Positions". Running well, and is timing great! Really one of Hamilton's most beautiful, highly damaskeened 18S movements! Folks, you don't see these fully marked examples this nice anymore, especially with this beautiful dial. If you want one of the best 940s you can get, and at a really good price, here it is! Only here at Time Machine!
Very nice addition to your Hamilton collection. Don't miss this fully loaded beauty!......$369.00






Stock #
TM 6970
Hamilton 16S 23J
"The 950" Railroad
Early Gold Train Model
Nice Yellow GF Fancy Case

Mint Montgomery Dial
Beautiful Movement
Excellent Plus Thruout!
Serial #


  Folks, if there was ever a time to salt some of these investment grade railroads away, this is the time! I bought this beautiful 950 hundreds under the money, and now you can too! One only, first come, first served!

Circa 1914, Lever Set, Adjusted 5 positions, double roller, motor barrel, gold train, RR Grade/Approved, this is a very nice low production Hamilton 950 with a solid gold train! This high grade timepiece also features a mint original Hamilton porcelain Montgomery dial, and a beautiful Star Watch Co Yellow GF Fancy Back Model Case! It's a beautiful example of a hard to find early 950, folks. Don't miss this one, especially at this special price!

Case... is a yellow gold filled Star Model 25 Yr case in excellent condition with an engine turned back. Shows no wear thru, little lower lite pocket wear is all. Nice tight original bow and crown, new glass crystal. Beautiful Case.

Dial... is original Hamilton porcelain arabic Montgomery dial. I believe this dial to be original to the watch. Also has the blued spade railroad hands. No hairlines can be seen on this fine example. Mint Original Monty Dial.

Movement...is fully marked as stated above and in excellent crisp condition as seen in the picture. Fitted with the gold train. Beautiful Damaskeening! Lettering still looks new. To find one any better you'd truly have to have a time machine. Running very well, has been completely checked and timed.
Folks, this was Hamiltons best in a 23 Jewel Railroad watch in 1914, and produced in very low numbers. They were carried by upper echelon railroad personnel who demanded accurate timekeeping, as they were out of reach price wise for the railroad man working the line. It is one of the most desirable and hardest to find Hamilton Railroads! Has all the nice features as well....Beautiful fancy green GF case, finest condition movement avaiilable with the gold train, and a mint original porcelain double sunk dial. What a look!

2018 Book on this fine watch is $730-$1200-$1800.

These are an excellent investment, especially one that looks like this! In this price range why settle for a "made up" one that you will not be happy with? This one is a solid investment, as well as one of the most beautiful railroads you'll ever own. Will be one of the highlights of your Hamilton Railroad Collection. Judge this one for yourself, and, like me, you'll have to agree it's well worth owning. You'll not likely find a better early example at any price. Rare Early 950 in all original condition...won't last at only.........$879.00 






Stock #
TM 6966
Hamilton 16S 17J 974
"Electric Railway Special"
Perfect Montgomery Dial!
"Closed-Diamond" Hands
Wadsworth 20 Yr Case
Rare Electric Railway Watch!
Serial #


  Circa 1930, Pendant Set, Adjusted to Temp. and 3 Positions, Double Roller, RR Grade, this is a beautiful Hamilton 974 Electric Railway Special...with a Perfect Monty dial...for only $289.00! Features the correct single sunk Electric Railway dial in mint condition, and like new movement.

Case... on this watch is a quality Wadsworth 20 Yr YGF. It is in good condition. Plain back. Couple dimples that won't even show on camera. Nice glass domed crystal installed.

Dial... is the desirable marked Hamilton Electric Railway Special Montgomery. These dials are super tough to find nowdays, this is one of the scarcer marked models and this one is perfect! These were used by trolly conductors in the 20s-30s era. Folks, this is one of the most desirable of all Hamilton dials, and would likely sell for over $200 by itself! Also features the much scarcer "Closed Diamond" Hands that were an option on this model. They really set it off nicely!

Movement... looks like new on this one. Check out the picture. Fully marked. Running well, has not been serviced.

Folks, this dial really sets this watch off nicely. Top book is $500 on it. Middle 2018 Book is $360. This one shouldn't last long, especially with a perfect dial and at this price!
Rare 974 "Electric Railway Special"!






Stock #
TM 6964
Hamilton 16S 21J
The "992" Railroad
Yellow GF Case
Mint Arabic DS Dial
Good Watch To Carry
Nice 992 Railroad....$219!
Serial #


  Folks, if I had a $1 for every time someone asked for a nice, original 21 jewel railroad with a mint dial...under $250 last year I could go out to a nice dinner! They're just not out there! But I did some digging today, and did find this beauty...first come, first served!

Circa 1919, Lever Set, Adjusted to Temp. and 5 Positions, Double Roller, RR Grade/Approved, this is a beautiful 992...in a nice yellow gold filled Philadelphia Case. Features a perfect double sunk arabic dial, and second model movement.

Case... on this watch is a 10K Yellow Gold Filled Philadelphia 20 Yr Case. It is in good condition. Shows pocket wear on back, no wear thru noted. Glass crystal. Good Crown and tight Bow. Nice YGF Case!

Dial... is the marked Hamilton double sunk arabic version with hamilton in a straight line as it should be. Again, original to the watch. Perfect...No Hairlines! Matching original Hamilton blued steel hands. Beautiful perfect original Hamilton dial!

Movement... also nice on this one. Check out the picture. Features tuxedo second model damaskeening, Fully marked. This watch has just been fully checked by us. Running perfectly.
Folks, this super clean Dial and nice case really set this watch off. Get this beauty and pass it down to future generations. They'll have the best. For (well) under $250 it's a steal...Happy New Year!
Beautiful 992 in excellent condition for under $250? You got it...Only at Time Machine!...........$219.00






Stock #
TM 6963
Hamilton 16S 21J
Model "A" Hamilton Case
Mint "Cut 10" RR Special Dial
Gold Center Wheel
Beautiful 992B!
Serial #


  Circa 1943, Lever Set, Adjusted to Temp. and 6 Positions, Double Roller, Gold Center Wheel, Elinvar Hairspring, RR Grade/Approved, this is another nice 992B. Features an original Hamilton Model #A YGF Pimple Case, Type 1 Model movement, and an original porcelain Hamilton "Cut 10" Railway Special Dial in perfect condition. Won't last long at this low price...

Case... on this watch is a Hamilton Model #A Case, also referred to as the "Pimple" case. Beautiful crown and bow, correct "stepped" shoulders as it should be on these earlier models, all correct and original! It is in very good condition. Front and back screw on and off effortlessly. Beautiful plain polished back. Shows very little wear, as evidenced by the pictures, and still looks great as you can see. Bow swings loose. Nice glass crystal. Same case that the 950B and some 998Es came in. Really shows off this 992B well!

Dial... is an original porcelain double sunk dial signed Railway Special. It is a "Cut 10" dial denoting the tail of the "0" in 10 cut short by the inner sink of dial. This is a variant unto itself and very desirable! Very nice, super crisp, has matching correct original blued spade RR hands. Tough to find a perfect cut 10 dial. Correct for this watch and time frame. Bold numerals. No hairlines...perfect. Original Porcelain Railway Special "Cut 10" Dial!

Movement... shows as new on this one. Features tuxedo damaskeening, Fully marked. First model featuring a gold center wheel. All Correct! Running perfectly, and timing well.
Folks, this is another one of the most sought after, desirable configurations for the 992B. This one is even more desirable as it is the "Cut 10" Model. Look around, see if you can find a 992B this nice in this price range.
Another great watch you can't go wrong with! Especially at this price...Very affordable Hamilton 992B "Railway Special".........$439.00






Stock #
TM 1539
Hamilton 18S 21J
Beautiful Movement
Big Boy Railroad Case
First Model Mvmt
Serial #


  Circa 1905, LS, marked adjusted, 21 Jewels, RR Grade/Approved, this is a beautiful Hamilton 940 in a nice swing out Big Boy silverode case with a nice crown and bow. Also features a hairline free dial.

Case.... is a Philadelphia silverode plain polished case in fine condition...has a nice glass crystal. Very little wear at all on case, back shows well as you can see. Tight bow and sharp crown, just a nice example.

Dial... is original double sunk glass enamel Hamilton dial with bold Arabic numerals. No visible hairlines one lite flake on outer edge by lever and another off center post hidden by the hands. Very clean. Triple matching original blued steel hands. Very Nice Original Dial.

Movement... is also like new on this 940. It is the earlier unmarked version marked "21 Jewels", and "Adjusted". Running well and is timing great!

We just went fully thru this one, has been cleaned plus a new mainspring, and I will stand behind this service as well! If it doesn't time acceptably just send it back in and we will service it again if need be, so I have your back on that. Just a nice railroad watch that will run like it was meant to all at one low price.

Really one of Hamilton's most beautiful, highly damaskeened 18S movements! Folks, you don't see these nicer examples sell for less, especially with a guaranteed service. Only here at Time Machine!
Here's a good one...a beautiful 940 with a great dial and cased in a nice Big Boy Case with a full service! Very nice addition to your Hamilton collection. Don't miss this one at only......$245.00






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