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Stock #
TM 6918
Hamilton 16S 21J
Model "10" Hamilton Case
Mint RR Special Dial
1ST Yr Production..1940
Nice 992B!
Serial #


  Circa 1940, Lever Set, Adjusted to Temp. and 6 Positions, Double Roller, Gold Center Wheel, Elinvar Hairspring, RR Grade/Approved, this is another nice 992B. Features an original Hamilton Model #10 YGF Bar Over Crown Case, Type 1 Model movement, and an original porcelain Hamilton Railway Special Dial in perfect condition. Won't last long at this low price...

Case... on this watch is a Hamilton Model #10 Case, also referred to as the "Oval Bar Over Crown" case. Marked Hamilton Railroad on crown. It is in very good condition. Front and back screw on and off effortlessly. Beautiful plain polished back. Shows very little wear, as evidenced by the pictures, and still looks great as you can see. Tight Bow. Nice crystal. Same case that the 992 Elinvar came in. Really shows off this 992B well!

Dial... is an original porcelain double sunk dial signed Railway Special. Correct for this watch and time frame. Bold numerals. No hairlines...perfect. Shows very well. Has the beautiful correct blued spade RR hands. Nice Porcelain Railway Special Dial!

Movement... shows as new on this one. Features tuxedo damaskeening, Fully marked. First model featuring a gold center wheel. All Correct! Running perfectly, and timing well.
Folks, this is another one of the most sought after, desirable configurations for the 992B. This one is even more desirable as it is the first year model. Look around, see if you can find a 992B this nice in this price range.
Another great watch you can't go wrong with! Especially at this price...Very affordable first year Hamilton 992B "Railway Special".........$479.00






Stock #
TM 1516
Hamilton 18S 21J
Beautiful Movement
Phila YGF Railroad Case
First Model Mvmt
RR Inspector Dial
Serial #


  Circa 1904, LS, marked adjusted, 21 Jewels, RR Grade/Approved, this is a beautiful Hamilton 940 in a nice screw back and bezel Philadelphia Yellow GF case. Also features a private label dial which I believe to be Jeweler/RR Inspector!

Case.... is a Philadelphia 20 Yr YGF plain polished case in fine condition...has a nice glass crystal. Very little wear at all on case, back shows well as you can see. Tight bow and sharp crown, just a nice example.

Dial... is original double sunk glass enamel Hamilton dial with bold Arabic numerals. One lite flake on outer edge by 4 under bezel..signed "D.H. Stroud, Hot Springs, Ark." Stroud was a jeweler and RR Inspector. Very clean. Triple matching original blued steel hands. Very Nice original Inspector Dial.

Movement... is also like new on this 940. It is the earlier unmarked version marked "21 Jewels", and "Adjusted". Running well and is timing great! Really one of Hamilton's most beautiful, highly damaskeened 18S movements! Folks, you don't see these nicer examples sell for less, especially with an Inspectors dial. Only here at Time Machine!
Here's a good one...a beautiful 940 with a great dial and cased in a beautiful YGF Case! Very nice addition to your Hamilton collection. Don't miss this one at only......$349.00






Stock #
TM 6882
Hamilton 16S 23J
"The 950B"
LN All Original Model
Beautiful Model #17 YGF Case

23J RR Special Dial
Mint Plus Movement
Nearly New Condition 950B!
Serial #


  Circa 1958, LS, Adjusted 6 positions, double roller, motor barrel, Elinvar Hairspring, RR Grade/Approved, this is a very nice, truly like new Hamilton 950B! This high grade timepiece also features an original Hamilton dial marked "RR Special 23 Jewel", and the original Model "17" YGF Bar Over Crown Case in like new condition. Some have tried to fake these by putting in gold trains, calling wrong dials and cases correct, etc.
The only correct later model American example has the marked 23J dial and the Model 17 Case! It's a excellent like new example of a 950B, folks, all original. You'll be hard pressed to find a nicer one unless it's still in the box. Don't miss this one!

Case... is a gold filled Hamilton Model 17 bar over crown case in excellent crisp condition. Original sand marks still remain on back. New deep domed glass crystal as well. Has personalization on inside back with the owners birth date and other number as was the custom back then. Other than that case looks new. Original Model 17 Hamilton Case in superior condition.

Dial... is original Hamilton melamine dial signed RR Special and 23 Jewels. This dial is original to the watch, as well as the only correct dial. No lines or crazing at all. Red Montgomery numerals are a bit faded as some got due to sunlight. Original triple matching correct black hands complete the package. Beautiful Original 23J RR Special Melamine Dial.

Movement...is fully marked as stated above and in mint plus condition. As nice as I've ever seen! Beautiful Damaskeening! Lettering still looks new. This one was made in late 50s or 1960. Book says 30000 is the last.

This one, however stands on its condition. "Wow" was all I could say when I found it! Running very well, has been completely checked and timed.
Folks, this was Hamiltons best in a 23 Jewel Railroad watch, and produced in very low numbers. It is all original, and one of the most desirable and hardest to find Hamilton Railroads! Has all the most desirable (and correct) features as well..LN Model 17 case, finest condition movement available, and an original double sunk signed 23 Jewel Railway Special Monty Dial. These 950B's are tough enough to find, and rarely surface in this condition nowadays. This is unequivocably one of the newer and finer examples of any 950B that has come thru here in the last 12 years!

Book has an "up" arrow indicating high interest and further price increases! Because of the few minor items noted above, I was able to get this one at a discount and am passing the savings along to you.
These are an excellent investment, especially an all original near mint one like this! In this price range why settle for a "made up" one that you will not be happy with? This one is a solid investment, as well as one of the most beautiful railroads you'll ever own. Will be the highlight of your Hamilton Railroad Collection. Judge this one for yourself, and, like me, you'll have to agree it's well worth owning. Rare late model 950B in all original like new condition..As nice an example as you'll probably ever find ...and at a price well under low book!......$985.00 








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