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Stock #
TM 1566
Illinois 18S 17J
H.M. Jacobson & Son
RR Inspectors Watch
Model 6 Grade 65-Extra
Marked Dial & Movement
17 Ruby Jewels..RR Approved
Big Boy Silver Case
Fully Serviced & Restored
Super Clean & Nice!
Original Porcelain Dial
Scarce Illinois' Railroad


  Circa 1904, lever set, this is a very scarce Grade 65-E made for and marked "H.M. Jacobson & Son" on dial and movement! Jacobsen was a RR Timekeeper and Jewelry Store in Philadelphia who had special ordered Illinois and other watches specifically made just for him. This is a very scarce historical timepiece you won't want to miss.

Features of this fine railroad include 17 Jewels, Open Face Model 6, Adjusted To Temperature, four positions, isochronism, Ruby jewels in settings, Patent regulator, skewed grid pattern, gold inlaid damaskeened nickel, gold-filled engraving; polished screws Double sunk glass enamel dial marked "HM Jacobson & Son Philadelphia", RR Grade/ Approved,.

The Grade 65-E (65-Extra) has ruby jewels, making it a higher quality than grades "65" and "65-S". Some movements are marked "extra" and are marked only "Adjusted". None have been marked "Ruby jewels" but advertisements specifically state that Grade "65-E" is so equipped.

Folks, here's a really nice Grade 65 Extra Illinois...Fully Serviced and Restored...for a good price! This is a Model 6, and has a beautifully damaskeened movement in extra nice shape as you can see! Nice heavy Big Boy Part Silver Century Swing Out Case with Gold Dust cap, new hi dome glass crystal installed, dial has couple lite hl below subseconds bit at 30, impossible to ever find a perfect one, because so few made, but this one is close.

This Grade 65-Extra made for Jacobson was a very low production timepiece, 300 or less of this variation were produced.

These 18 size Illinois 65-E Grades in this nice of condition are very scarce. Beautiful original blued hands. Fully cleaned and timed, will come with timing papers as well. Just a great looking and running Illinois Inspectors Watch. If you've been wanting a nice, scarce 18 size Illinois with an historical significance that has had all the work done at a price you can definitely live's your chance...Extra nice 18 Size Illinois HM Jacobson & Son Grade 65-E....$389.00







Stock #
TM 7003
Illinois 16S 21J
21 Ruby Jewel Sangamo
Original "Gothic" Dial
"Sun Ray" Damaskeening

Beautiful Green GF Fancy Case
Nice Original Sangamo!
Serial #


  Circa 1910, LS, adjusted to temperature, six positions, and isochronism, marked 21 Ruby Jewels, gold train, RR Grade/Approved, this is an Illinois "Sangamo" RR Watch fitted with a clean, near mint Gothic Getty Dial. It also features a scarcer greeen gf fancy back Case, and a movement like new....Nice Hi Grade 21J Sangamo!

Case... is a Green GH Elgin Giant Double Stock 25 Yr Case with a fancy tuxedo back and personalized shield. Nice crown and tight bow. Bow has some green wore off but still shows nice as you can see. It is in excellent condition with a new crystal fitted. Case is original to the watch. Scarce GGF Case!

Dial... is original...a double sunk Illinois Gothic type dial. This is an original dial, not a reproduction!. One lite hl at 11. These are getting really hard to find...especially a nice one like this example! Beautiful, clean Illinois "Gothic" dial.

Movement... is Illinois' famous Sangamo with the "sun ray" pattern. Fully marked "Temperature 6 Positions Isochronism" as these later ones were. The movement is in like new condition, all lettering and damaskeening still standing out like new! Running well, I timed this for 24 hrs and it doesn't need a thing.
Folks, these Sangamo's are near impossible to find at all anymore let alone in this condition and with this scarcer Green GF case, so take advantage of this offering while you can! Those of you who regularly surf the Illinois' page here know how few I've had thru the years...they simply cannot be found! If you're wanting one of these for your collection, or for that perfect gift, this too would make an excellent choice. 21 Jewel "Sun Ray" Sangamo in a Green GF case at a great price! One of Illinois' Finest!......$319.00







Stock #
TM 7001
Illinois 16S 21 Jewel
The "A. Lincoln"
Adjusted 5 Positions
Original Illinois Monty Dial
Scarce Important Railroader
Serial #


  I'm doing whatever I have to...including selling at or close to cost to get affordable nice railroads to you this spring! Here's a 16S A. Lincoln with a beautiful Montgomery Dial!

Circa 1923, Lever Set, Marked Adjusted to Five positions, 21 Jewels, RR Grade/Approved, this was one of Illinois higher grade 16 Size Railroads being produced at the time...The 16 Size 21 Jewel "A. Lincoln".

Case... is a Dueber 20 Yr case in very good condition. Nice crown and bow....New Glass Crystal. Nice engine turned back. It's a beauty!

Dial... is an Illinois porcelain double sunk Montgomery dial. Couple small lines, one off 4. Triple matching original Illinois plum hands.Nice original monty dial.

Movement... is fully marked as stated above. It is the scarcer Bunn Special grade 2 wheel version. Good condition, black lettering still standing out as when new.
Folks, finding an A. Lincoln of any size is becoming difficult, one with a nice montgomery dial is tough. Good running order.
Folks, here's an excellent example of a very tough to find Illinois Railroad watch. This is a very important and scarcer Illinois railroad, named for our president, with low production. These are an excellent investment, and this one as you can see is super clean. You'll be glad you own this one down the road, especially at this giveaway price......$289.00






Stock #
TM 6992
Illinois 16S 17J
Scarce "Bunn" Railroad
Case W/Exposed Dustcap
Rare 16S Gothic Dial
Railroader's Beauty!
Serial #


  Circa 1921, Lever Set, Adjusted Temp. and 5 positions, double roller, gold train, RR Grade/Approved, this is a very nice much scarcer 17 Jewel Bunn. These no nonsense railroads are tough to find, especially a beauty like this, so act quickly.

Case... is a Crescent 25 Year RR Swing Out Case with a plain polished back. Has a unique partially exposed dust cap that was factory cut under the crown! This case had to be special order, I haven't seen another like it. Nice crown and bow. Glass crystal. Unique RR Case!

Dial... is original DS glass enamel Illinois Gothic dial. One lite line below 30 at edge is all I see...shows off this Bunn really well, looks like an 18 Size dial!. This is a very scarce dial as well in 16 Size. Original "plum" Bunn hands.

Movement... is fully marked as stated above. Sun Ray Damaskeening. Looks really nice. Not all scratched up as a lot of these workhorses were. Black lettering. Good running order, has been checked and needs nothing. These were lower production timepieces and are difficult to find in this condition.

I believe this watch was specially optioned out with that CWC 25 Yr Swing Out Special Order Case with the partially exposed dustcap and the Gothic Dial specifically by a railroad man as it is set up for railroad duty and would not have been ordered this way by a civilian. And what a fine setup it is! Neat, neat railroad watch here.17J Bunn Railroad with a unique special order case and original Gothic Dial.......$379.00






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