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I recently bought out a small collection of Ladies pocket watches and a few Gentlemans vest watches that were stored for many years...Some also have new mainsprings and crystals...whatever it took to get them back running again and looking good so they can be enjoyed. Most are priced below what it would cost to service them! These will make great gifts, or may be ones you're looking for. At these prices you can't lose! So go ahead...browse, enjoy, and pick up some good deals...look them all over...I'm sure you'll find one or two you like!

Stock #
TM 7046
Rockford Watch Co 16S 17J
Rare "COSMOS" Model
Grade 575..RR Grade
Very Few Made
Beautiful White GF Case
Unique "Umbrella" Hands
Beautiful Damaskeening
Serial #


   Folks, this is a very rare Rockford Cosmos Model...Double Marked Dial & Movement! This is the only one I have ever had in here in almost 25 years...they are THAT hard to come by!

Circa 1902, lever set, RR Grade, here's a beautiful Rockford Watch Co. COSMOS in it's original Sceptre Whire GF case with a highly polished back to show and enjoy...Beautiful Timepiece! Has the original Cosmos dial with one line at 3 that has survived looking fantastic, fitted with unique matching "umbrella" Crescent hands, and a beautiful 17 Jewel movement with gorgeous damaskeening and all gold screws and regulator!

These were made by Rockford and the quality shows thru. I believe all were sold to a jeweler in Michigan, and these rarely surface. Around 200 or less were ever made. It's all original. In good running order, has a nice glass crystal, I timed this and it's good to go. Would make a great gift, or a unique add to your collection.

As I say I've never had one and this one is in remarkable condition.

Top book in 2018 is $515.00 on this one.

Rockford Cosmos with a beautiful and quite rare original dial, gorgeous movement, and a knockout Sceptre 20 Yr Case... Stunning Example at a great price.......$289.00







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