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I have just bot out a long time South Bend collector...Among them were lots of "The" Studebakers!! I've made this special page for you The Studebaker/South Bend collectors to browse, enjoy, and pick up some good deals...look them all over...I'm sure you'll find one or two you like!

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Stock #
TM 6875
South Bend 16S 17J
Rare Grade 223
"The Studebaker"
Nice South Bend Dial
Original YGF "Panama" Case
Beautiful! South Bend's Finest
Serial #


  Circa 1913, Lever Set, Adjusted 5 Positions, gold screw down jewel settings, Marked Grade 223 and "The Studebaker", RR Grade/Approved this is a rare find...the beautiful 223 "The Studebaker"! This model is almost impossible to find, as well as one of the most desirable of the 4 "The" Studebakers, so South Bend Collectors, here's one for your empty slot!

Case... is a yellow gold filled signed South Bend "Panama" case with a beautiful fancy back. In excellent condition. These are very tough to get, especially with that fancy back. Original South Bend Panama Case with Fancy Back!

Dial... is original South Bend double sunk Arabic Dial. One lite line at 38, and small flake off center post very hard to see. To find this rare South Bend RR Dial in perfect condition is next to impossible, this one shows extra nice.

Movement... as stated above is definitely the unique part of this timepiece. It is a very scarce Grade 223 "The Studebaker" marked movement, and quite hard to find! Movement is one of the most beautiful South Bends ever made, was their highest grade. Shows very well, as seen in picture. Lite oxidation on wheels and regulator whip. Plates show as new and have no scratching.

Running well and has just been fully serviced in July, 2016. Beautiful "The Studebaker" movement!
Folks, I haven't had many of these and they never last long when they come in. You just dont see them at all anymore, and this was just a stroke of luck coming onto this one. Definitely one of the hardest-to-find South Bends, and one in nice original triple signed condition with a Panama Case like this is rare. These have an "up" symbol in the new book, and have escalated in price (when one is lucky enough to even find one!) Won't last long, so act quickly on this one! (Most of these I've seen are over $1200.00 now, grab this one while you can.) This is the best of the best. Near Impossible to find Signed Grade 223 "The Studebaker" in nice condition condition thruout, serviced and ready to go for your South Bend Collection at an unbelievable price! ........







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