F.A.Q. about the Zodiac Astrographic 2000 at Time Machine


Frequently Asked Questions about the "Astro 2000"

How can you sell these for so little?

Is there something wrong with them?

Are they Factory Seconds??

Not at all. These are factory new timepieces. 100%. Time Machine always looks for the best deals we can find on quality watches. Many of our watches come from close-out deals. This primarily includes previous year models, models from stores gone out of business, overstocked pieces, and other venues. In this case, the Astrographic was simply discontinued due to the buyout by Fossil. They have decided to go the "trendy" (read: quartz) route. Sadly, these are probably the last REAL Zodiacs we'll ever see. These watches end up going to dealers like Time Machine... And to you with some excellent prices!

How are millimeters measured?

It is the diameter of the case of the watch, not including the crown. On rectangle cases it is side to side, and tip of lug to tip of lug. 1 inch equals 25.4mm.

What about a Warranty on these?
I have seen sites stating the warranties will not be honored
if you do not buy from an authorized dealer. Is this true?
Will YOU honor them?

First of all, these are the last of the breed of Astrographics.
None...if any..."authorized" Zodiac dealers even have any that they could sell you, even if they wanted to! There simply is none out there! And secondly, if you DID find one, the price would be about $850.00 (35% off).
I have called Fossil and they have an authorized repair center which I will supply you with when you take delivery of your new Astro. They told me just to simply send the watch in, and if within the One Year Warranty period, they would make the adjustment.
(Remember, NO manufacturer wants the public to know they will not stand behind their products...no matter where they came from.)

We also have a watchmaker who is a certified Rolex, Omega, and Accutron technician. He can service it as well in the unlikely event it should need it.

The factory warranties I have seen cover the movement only, not the case, band, crystal, or crown...or any watch that has been opened, tampered with, or abused in any way. (For instance, if you go swimming with a watch on, and forget to "screw down" the crown when setting time, it will take on water. (This is the same with any watch of this type.) The factory (or anyone) will not honor that warranty.

These have the "bulletproof" ETA 2824 movement in them, and rarely (if ever) will you have a problem with that one. (I still have my '74 Astro with that same movement, and have never had any trouble at all. They simply won't break.)

As most of you already know, Time Machine will work with anyone regarding any repair work needed. If for instance you have the watch only a few months, and have not opened, tampered, or abused it, and you have a problem, you know we'll help you make it right. I will never leave you hanging. You have my word on that.

Since Time Machine is not an authorized dealer for these watches, we can not supply the factory warranties, which is 1 year for the majority of Swiss watches.

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