Time Machine Online Auction Update Page

Below are recent updates and changes made which we hope will make this auction more user friendly, enjoyable, and fair to all bidders. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please bear with us and thanks for all your support.

Call or email with what you'd like to see here, I'll keep giving them away as long as I have to so get some great deals while you can!

  • 6-21-2015; *PLEASE NOTE* All Auction Times are now EASTERN STANDARD TIME

    The Auctions will still end at the same times as usual, (10 PM Eastern/9 PM Central) just the auction clock was reset to show current time in the EASTERN Time Zone. Thank You!

  • 3-8-2015; Congratulations to the lucky winner who got that nice $350 Father Time BELOW COST for $225!! Great Winning Bid!! Get in on the next auction and I may be congratulating YOU!

  • 1-25-2015; Congrats to the lucky winner jsalmon on the nice 21J Burlington Hunter! Great Winning Bid!! I'll be posting many more like this and ALL will sell to thehighest bidder

  • 6-8-2014; Two more watches sold at below wholesale money...beautiful Waltham Riverside hammered at only $130 (see sold items) which was WAY under cost! Get in there and steal one yourself!

  • 2-16-2014; One of the best auction buys ever this weekend! Sold a beautiful Waltham Royal Hunter fully serviced far less than case value!...congrats to lucky winner jsalmon...check back each week and place a bid...don't let another one get away!

  • 11-24-2013; Sold a nice Hamilton 925 Hunter WAY under the money...congrats to lucky winner keywind2...check back each week as I plan to have similiar unusual timepieces at prices you determine...all will start at $10!

  • 9-15-2013; Some spirited bidding on that unusual Waltham! The auction ran over almost 15 minutes with alhambra coming away the lucky winner...

  • 5-13-2012; Congratulations to Roger on a Ball bot for only $215. Mother's Day kept everyone busy, but in the end Roger came home with a triple signed 19J Ball well below cost.
    Win lose or draw, these are all no reserve hi bidder takes it home auctions!

  • 12-11-2011; Two nice watches, the 21J triple signed Elgin BW Raymond was a hard fought auction, and fun to watch! Congratulations, Randy, on scoring a really nice railroader!

  • 6-5-2011; Really Nice Hamilton 940 went for only $195!! WELL below market value...and the Accutron wristwatch...with $100 worth of service work just done....hammered for only $80. Folks, you're missing out on some real bargains. Hope to see your name here soon!

  • 5-15-2011; Auction has been updated to show only usernames...NOT email addresses on high bids. Now you can bid with total confidence and anonymity! No one will ever see or use your email address. Several auction watches coming this week so stay tuned!

  • 3-14-2010; SG got a heck of a buy on the 21J Bunn Special last night...$175.00!! Well below low book! I'll be posting more this week...get in on the fun and take home a nice watch for very little money!

  • 1-31-2010; Congrats to WH on one of the best deals ever here...the nice Series 10 Howard went for only $230!!...that was a $450+ watch...maybe you'll be the next lucky winner...I'm giving them away...might as well be to you!

    All will go no reserve to the highest bidder regardless of price! Stay Tuned!

  • 10-11-2009; Wow! You guys missed another giveaway last night! Congrats to SH on the One Hour buy of a Lifetime...He won the 21J Waltham 845 Railroad for only $91!!... I'll have some new bargain wrists and more quality pockets coming in the next few weeks...all will go no reserve to the highest bidder regardless of price! Stay Tuned!

  • 4-19-2009; Congrats to JS on the buy of the year...He won the 19J Sixty Hour Bunn for $550...About $350 under market and over $150 under my cost! Who'll be the next lucky winner? I'll have some nice vintage wrists and more hi end pockets coming in the next few weeks...all will go no reserve to the highest bidder regardless of price! Stay Tuned!

  • 10-27-2008; Auction activity is picking up...This week I'll post more nice railroads and some better quality wrists and pockets...Xmas is coming and this may be the time to pick up some excellent gifts! Again, if you'd like to see a certain watch at auction just email me and i'll try my best to accomodate you...Good Luck!

  • 3-24-2008; I "gave" a new 23 Jewel automatic wrist away last nite for only $75! (check the completed auction page)...you may as well get in on the fun this week....This week's feature starts with a nice BW Raymond Railroad watch worth $400-$450...Starting Ay Only $99!!

    Also a rare 19J Burlington starting at $49!! I'll post another automatic wrist as well...these really are nice timepieces worth way more than the bids reflect, so get in on the fun and get a great deal while you're at it! I AM DETERMINED TO GET TM AUCTION ROLLING AGAIN...CONSEQUENTLY, BIDDERS WILL GET SOME "STEALS OF A DEAL" IN THE INTERIM!!
    I have some really nice automatic wrists and better grade pockets coming, so get your bid cards ready and be ready to grab some! I "gave" several new wrists and a nice Hamilton 992B away last week...you may as well get in on the fun this week....This week's feature starts with a BRAND NEW gorgeous deep mauve dial 23 Jewel Curved Tonneau Tank...Starting Ay Only $49!!

    Call or email with what you'd like to see here, I'll keep giving them away as long as I have to so get some great deals while you can!

    As soon as we feel everyone who wants to bid knows that we're back...MEANWHILE...Some bargain basement watches will be run ALL under market, so you'll get some great buys!! Stay Tuned, and thanks for your support!!

  • 11-15-2001 I have moved the Auction to a new server.
    This should fix whatever problems we have had with last minute bidding. Everything will stay the same.
    If for some reason they do not, simply reregister again. We have 2 nice watches this week: A 16S 21J Howard Series 11 RR Chronometer, and a 21J Bunn Special with a Monty Dial.

  • 10-13 Auction snafu is fixed now...should be fine for this week. Nice Hi Grade Wrists and clean pockets posting starting today...I want to thank all my regular bidders and the newcomers for their support!

  • 9-16 I have installed a link to CLOSED AUCTIONS at the bottom of the main Auction Page. You may now see the RESULTS of any Auctions ended that you may have missed!

  • 8-22 Due to a glitch in the system, the TM 1 HR Auction will be cancelled this evening. We will have it back up and running next week with plenty of nice products to bid on. Please accept my apologies, and we'll see you next week!

  • 7-19 FINALLY! We now have a Seconds Counter!...This will help immensely in the bidding process. now you know precisely what time remains on the items.
    Also...A PASSWORD RETRIEVAL SYSTEM is now in place. If you lose your password, simply type your username and submit. Your NEW Password will be auto emailed to you!

    These much needed updates will make the bidding process easier and more enjoyable!

  • 7-12  The "Going, Going, Gone" period will be increased from 90 seconds to 2 full minutes. That will allow everyone ample time to rebid, as well as keep better track of the elapsed time. If you have your sights set on something stay on the bid page, and reload once a minute to be safe. That way, you'll be on top of it.

    KEEP IN MIND if the Auction is coming up on the close, and there are no recent bids within the last 2 minutes, it WILL close at the scheduled time. (eg., if auction ends at 22:30, and last bid received at 22:25, auction will close at 22:30). Just make sure you get your bid in before the close.

    IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO "SNIPE" ANYONE AT THIS AUCTION...that's why I set it up this way. If someone bids at the last 10 seconds, the auction will still stay open for the 2 minute "Going, Going, Gone" period. Any further questions, please email me.

  • 7-4  We've made a few cosmetic changes to the format...Nothing fancy that would hinder the loading speed, just minor background and bid button changes.

  • 7-4  HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! No One Hour Auction Tonight due to Holiday...Sixty Hour Bunn Special running on a Weekend Only Auction instead so everyone can get a chance to bid.

  • 6-25  TM Auction Email Notification Initiated...Now All Bidders can be "up to speed" on Auction Lots currently bidding!...Simply Sign up to receive the Notification...We'll do the rest!

  • 4-18  Waltham 23J Vanguard with Marked Dial at One Hour Auction tonite. Just arrived from a watch show, so no auction email will be sent tonite.

  • 1-26  Had a very good auction on 1/24 for the 18S Ball Watch. We appreciate your patronage and attendance! I plan on putting lots more high grade watches up. Participation is good, and if you are thinking about consigning a few to this auction, please email me. This week's 1/31 auction features a like new SS Hamilton 992B with a marked Railway Special Dial. Plan to attend!

  • 12-14-99  We had numerous problems on the auction page last night. First, my server went down shortly before opening of the One Hour Watch Auction due to name server problems. It "burped" and sent multiple winning notices to the two other winning bidders, to whom I apologize. Then, had a bidder error on the One Hour Auction Watch which effectively took it out of the running. Due to this, I am rerunning the One Hour Auction Watch all week starting at $1. That way everyone will have an equal chance at it. Again, sorry for any inconvenience, everything appears to be running smoothly now.

  • 8-16  New Auction Chat Room is now up. I will usually be there from 9:30-10:30 PM EST every Sunday. If you have trouble with your username, email me or go to the help section.

  • 7-13  OUR ONE HOUR ONLY AUCTIONS STARTING AT $1 have been a resounding success. I will be running TWO One Hour Auctions Starting at $1 approximately 90 minutes apart this weekend! If this is successful and accepted I will continue to run two auctions every Sunday night. Thank you for the tremendous response I have already received on my One Hour Auctions. It's obvious to me this is the format you want and I will continue to stay with it.

  • 4-19  IMPORTANT AUCTION INFO! These auctions will close at the stated closing time if there are not two people bidding.
    In other words, if an item has not received a bid for a few minutes before closing, the auction will close on time! If you want an item, be sure to bid at least 1 minute before close! That way, the auction will continue to stay open for 90 seconds longer, and assure you of a bid.

  • 4-10  FREE SHIPPING on all watches this weekend only. This does include auction watches. Auction appears to be running along just fine. I have had a few bidders state they could not get into the auction. I have run a test auction, bid and changed passwords, and everything works flawlessly. Be certain you enter your USERID exactly as you registered. Any suggestions on how to improve this auction would be appreciated.

  • 2-9  This is styled after a TRUE AUCTION. The auction does not necessarily end at the time stated, UNLESS there is no bid activity. As long as one or more bidders are bidding within 90 seconds of each other, THE AUCTION WILL STAY OPEN! This is the format I have chosen, and it seems to work best for the majority of bidders. This is very similar to a REAL WORLD Auction. In a real auction, the item is not sold until everyone has had a chance to bid. That's how my Online Auction is conducted.

  • 2-9  Some Bidders are losing their passwords, and having trouble bidding.
    I do not have access to Bidder's passwords. When this happens, all you can do is Reregister (you will have to change case letters on your bid name a bit), and get a new password.
    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND printing the email confirm out IMMEDIATELY! Better yet, CHANGE your password to something you use everday RIGHT AWAY! That way, you will have it handy come Auction time.

  • 2-8  Congrats to HL on a HARD FOUGHT very enjoyable
    ONE HOUR AUCTION!...Great Deal on the 940!

  • 1-31  I have had several questions as to the "Maximum Bid" on these auctions.
    THIS IS NOT EBAY! You must register and get a password for this auction. This is also a TRUE, NO RESERVE AUCTION. You should only bid the maximum amount you are willing to pay if you will be unavailable at auction close. Bids will be posted at ACTUAL AMOUNT YOU BID.

  • 1-25  Auction server is now running at good speed...You should now be able to view and reload from main page in order to see high bidder as Auction progresses.

  • 1-25-98  Very Spirited Bidding on One Hour 21J A. Lincoln! Auction ran flawlessly. Congratulations to Jim H. on a nice Railroad!

  • 12-29  One Hour Watch Auction of 12-28 will be rerun as a 3 DAY AUCTION due to error in bidding. AUCTION STARTS AT $1 to give everyone an equal chance.

  • 12-29  Some rule changes implemented to make the auction more user-friendly. Last interval bid time changed from 60 to 90 seconds  (going, going gone period)  to give ample time for everyone to re-bid.
    Bids are now made without decimal points and 00, (eg. $87 NOT $87.00)

  • 12-26  One Hour Watch Auction will be a REGULAR FEATURE on Sunday Nights!

  • 12-26  Three Day Watch Auctions introduced.

  • 12-21-97  First One Hour Watch Auction Held

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