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Stock #
TM 7441
Illinois 16S 21J
Bunn Special 60 Hour
161A Elinvar Type IIB
Beautiful 21 60 Dial
LN Green Gold Filled Case
Only 5200 Produced
Benchmark Illinois!
Near Museum Quality
Serial #


  Circa 1936, LS, adjusted to Temp. and 6 Positions, double roller, motor barrel, gold train, RR Grade/Approved, marked Grade 161A and signed Elinvar on Train Bridge, this is a landmark Illinois Bunn Special Sixty Hour 161A Elinvar. It also features a near mint green gold filled 1st Model Bunn Special Case, and a beautiful scratch free movement truly like new....feast your eyes on this bad boy...I did whatever I had to in order to bring this here for your viewing enjoyment as's quite the railroad...truly museum quality. Very hard to find near mint Type IIB 161A 21J Sixty Hour!

Case... is a Keystone 14K green gold filled 1st Model Case. In as new condition, Plain Polished Back still shines like a mirror. Look at the inside back of this thing! Beautiful original Crown and Bow. This was one of the original "cased at the factory" cases that these watches came in. Hamilton made all of the marked grade Bunn Specials (notice the word "Co." is deleted from the Illinois Watch markings on the movement.) You'll search a long time to find a nicer example.

Dial... is original double sunk Illinois bold arabic type dial marked Bunn Special on top and "21 Jewels Sixty Hour" above subseconds. Miniscule flake on edge by lever and very lite spider at 9 you'll never see except with a loupe turning it into the light. This marked 21 60 dial is one of the rarest hardest to find of all Illinois' dials, folks, and this one is about as good as they get. Beautiful, clean Illinois 21 60 Dial!

Movement... is Illinois' famous Bunn Special Sixty Hour 161A. It is the Type IIB, marked Elinvar on train bridge and Sixty Hour and 161A on bottom. Also marked Adjusted Temp. and Six Positions, gold train. The movement is in extra nice condition, showing no scratches and/or deterioration. Black lettering still standing out as when new. This is the Type IIB 161E, this one was lowest production and is much harder to find. Only 5,200 of these fine railroads were made. Running well.
Hamilton Watch Co. bought out Illinois in 1928, and continued to manufacture Illinois watches first in Springfield, IL, then later at the main plant in Lancaster, PA.
Folks, this about as good of an example of the 21J Sixty Hour 161A as exists today. These are about gone from the marketplace, especially the finest examples such as these, no one wants to sell anything this nice, and consequently prices have skyrocketed. (This is the nicest I've seen in a long time) If you're wanting one of these for your collection, this would make an excellent choice. These Illinois mfg. by Hamilton are very special watches, sure to keep increasing in value over the years. You'll be awhile finding another this nice. I'd put this near museum quality example up against any other anywhere. If you want simply the best, then this is for you. 21 Jewels Sixty Hour Type IIB 161A Elinvar with a beautiful Green Gold Filled Case and a 21 60 dial!.......$1450.00







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