Market Report and Investment Outlook

UPDATE...05/03/2010...Things are starting to turn is the time to pick up on some investment grade quality watches before they climb back to previous levels! Think about picking a few up soon!

UPDATE...10/28/2008...Can you pick a bottom in this market....OR...Do you even want to? Not me...Trillions have been lost, and the "bailout" will take weeks or most certainly MONTHS to begin to work...NOW it looks like the thing's turned Global...some astute individuals are already turning to harder assets...I've sold a few of my higher end investment grade pieces in the last 2-3 weeks...I can't guarantee the market...what I CAN state with assurance is these vehicles will not be worth $1000 one day and $700 the next (or...the next hour) As I've said all along, some of your hard earned money should always be in hard assets...whatever it may's too short to take a gamble in all paper assets...and you'll sleep a lot better as well...I know I do!

UPDATE...09/18/2008...The markets are in turmoil...very scary...Credit situation is markets are now suspect...think about are basically trading not forget that...MY money is in hard assets...why leave your future in uncertain hands??...Part of your portfolio should always be in hard assets you can control! Whatever it may be, please diversify. Good Luck.

UPDATE...01/02/2008...Another wild market ride this week! Did anyone go long on gold back in August when I recommended it (below)?? Gold closed at a 20 yr high today...$860!! $100 a barrel oil, hard assets such as these make more sense than ever...I'll be posting many to choose a few while prices are stable...because they're sure to escalate...just like everything else...Part of your portfolio should always be in hard assets you can control! Whatever it may be, please diversify. Good Luck.

UPDATE...08/19/2007...What a wild market ride this week! I currently have NO paper positions in the market...when it all boils down all you really have is a piece of paper...I'm sorry I can't sleep knowing that...hard assets are a bit more might think about going "long" on precious metals and the like including investment grade timepieces as a hedge against this...Prices are good, downside is very negligible...I have some SOLID GOLD pieces posted at OLD GOLD PRICES!!...Have a Look!! Part of your portfolio should always be in hard assets you can control! Whatever it may be, please diversify. Good Luck.

UPDATE...07/04/2007...NOW'S A GOOD TIME TO ADD TO YOUR WATCH PORTFOLIO!!...Prices are good, downside is very negligible...I have some SOLID GOLD pieces posted at OLD GOLD PRICES!!...Have a Look!! Part of your portfolio should always be in hard assets you can control! Whatever it may be, please diversify. Good Luck.

UPDATE...11/12/2002...Several conditions continue to contribute to the market instability...looming Iraqi conflict, negative earnings, etc. will keep the market in a tailspin or so it seems. Part of your portfolio should always be in hard assets you can control! Whatever it may be, please diversify. Good Luck.

UPDATE...7/15/2002...Seems like it never ends, does it...
Martha Stewart to Worldcom, the bad news just keeps coming. By the time Pres. Bush does anything about all this corporate greed, your losses will be staggering! This I believe is a situation that will not go away anytime soon. You can either hold and hope (like we did with our local phone company which has now been delisted) or get your funds into some hard it gold, coins or watches, anything is better than losing 50...80...or even all in worthless paper!
We cannot guarantee a specific rate of return, but if you'll research past prices, you'll find that the worst you'll do is break even (and that is definitely not the norm.) If you're like us, don't you wish you could break even on your present "paper" us today to start protecting some of your hard earned money!!

UPDATE...10/2/2001...With the WTC tradgedy, market has all but capitulated. While SOME good stocks have firmed up, BILLIONS in paper losses have been realized on most!!
Watches, meanwhile, have continued to gain value. My own portfolio has increased 12% While my paper investment in our local phone co. has dropped 99% since March, 2000!!!! ALL THE MORE REASON TO HAVE SOME OF YOUR PORTFOLIO IN THESE FINE TIMEPIECES! See a knowledgeable dealer to inquire about these "timely"investments!

UPDATE...4/23/2001...Market has stabilized, worries on the stock front continue to plague "paper" investors. I maintain these RR watches are a terrific hedge! The more common RRs (under $1000) in excellent condition are the place to consider investing! Remember: Condition is EVERYTHING on these, and the better quality will continue to escalate. I welcome any inquires on this.

UPDATE...2/21/2001...Back again from Orlando, 2001, and prices were stable on most pieces. The recent Stock market turmoil as well as Pres. Bush's uncertainty will keep some on the sidelines for now....THIS IS AN EXCELLENT BUYING OPPORTUNITY FOR THOSE ASTUTE COLLECTORS!!!
Prices were down on common railroads, but the mint watches continue to escalate, due to lack of product available. We've all seen this scenerio before, and soon market conditions will be optimal again, and prices will rise...IF YOU WANT SOME NICE PIECES AT FAIR MONEY, I STRONGLY SUGGEST ACQUIRING SOME NOW! Example: The Ball 998 on my site here...2 months ago this would have garnered 3000-3200. It is being offered for only 2575.00 now. This will not last. Have fun, and Good Luck!

UPDATE...2/21/2000...Just back from the Orlando NAWCC Mart, and could not believe the prices! They have all escalated dramatically! Of particular notice were the MARKED GRADE 161 and 163 Illinois, especially with marked dials. All the nice ones were wholesaling well in excess of $1500.00!!! Illinois Balls, 998s, 950Bs (No 950Es reported seen) ALL were MUCH higher! Folks, I do not see an end to this upward momentum.....If you want a decent watch portfolio, just like a good stock, the sooner you get started, the less you will pay.
Contact myself, or any of the other reputable web dealers as soon as possible and salt some of these "inflation fighters" away!.

UPDATE...10/13/99...With the wild swings and fluctuations in the stock market, not to mention the Y2K thing looming, it makes sense to DIVERSIFY your portfolio soon. Watches are an excellent choice as an investment vehicle, are liquid, and most have continued to show good ROI. Keep in mind that a reputable, knowledgeable source can be most helpful, and will be more suited to the average collector, as we know and see the trends. Approach the big Auction sites with caution! Most sellers have little or no knowledge of watches, and will not stand behind them. You will always come out ahead in the long run with a BALANCED Portfolio put together by an experienced watch person. I personally am an investor as well, having an extensive collection of my own. Whether you buy from me or not, I urge you to find a good source.

UPDATE...4/19/99...What a day today!...NASDAQ 2nd biggest drop in history of over 138 points! It makes more sense now than ever to DIVERSIFY your portfolio, and High grade Collectible Watches would make a good addition. One thing is certain...You will not see violent price swings like those experienced recently in the stock market. Nice pieces are ALWAYS liquid...consider updating / starting your Watch Portfolio today!

I personally have pulled all my positions in the Market, at least until this Asia thing quiets down. In my opinion, there is no safer place to put your hard earned Dollars than in High Grade Watches! Everyone should have at least part of their portfolio diversified. Again, I would welcome any inquiries about creating/updating yours...Why not start today?

UPDATE...4/10/98...Just back from major show at Tunica, MS. Watch prices here were actually HIGHER dealer to dealer than on the Internet! This can only mean one thing: Watch prices will be escalating shortly, especially on the better quality pieces. If there is a watch you are contemplating buying, consider purchasing now!

Prices are escalating rapidly on the better grade/quality pieces. I have been to three major shows in the last 6 months, looked at thousands of watches, and managed to purchase only about 25 good quality pieces. These are rapidly getting salted away in collections and portfolios all over the world .... high grade pocket watches are the only collectibles that have not been successfully counterfeited.

The hand tooling and craftsmanship of these will never be duplicated. If they were reproduced today, the cost would average over $2,500.00 a watch. Authenticity is guaranteed. If you have ever thought of acquiring these magnificent artifacts, or are contemplating a portfolio as a hedge, now is the time.

Several pieces have literally DOUBLED in value over the past 2 years! Good quality pieces continue to escalate at a rate of about 15% a year .... I would welcome IN CONFIDENCE any inquiries or questions as to how to start or increase your portfolio size. Please enjoy my site, and have fun!

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