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Time Machine will warranty this watch to be free from defects for the period of ONE YEAR from date of purchase.

This warranty covers the MOVEMENT ONLY and excludes the stem, crown, crystal, and bracelet provided the watch has not been tampered with, opened, or abused.

The factory warranties I have seen cover the movement only, not the case, band, crystal, or crown...or any watch that has been opened, tampered with, or abused in any way. The same warranty applies here. (For instance, if you go swimming with a watch on, and forget to "screw down" the crown when setting time, it will take on water. (This is the same with any watch of this type.) The factory (or anyone) will not honor that warranty.

These have the "bulletproof" ETA 2824 movement in them, and rarely (if ever) will you have a problem with these. They simply won't break, and will last for many years.

As most of you already know, Time Machine will work with anyone regarding any repair work needed. If for instance you have the watch only a few months, and have not opened, tampered, or abused it, and you have a problem, you know we'll help you make it right. I will never leave you hanging. You have my word on that. You may buy with confidence here at Time Machine!

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