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Welcome to TIME MACHINE'S Ultra Hunter Category! Here you will find some of the FINEST and most desirable RR Grade and Hunting Case Watches In Existence!! I bought out a small collection with about 30 of these in fantastic shape! These are all Like new condition and near museum quality Hunters. Also some Railroad Grade Watches in Hunter form. Very few of this calibre exist today. If you want one of the FINEST hunters you'll ever carry and show, this is the place. When they're gone, they're gone....Enjoy!

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Stock #
TM 6907
Elgin 16S 17J
Grade 339 3 Fingered Bridge
Stunning Hi Relief Case!
Beautiful 339 3FB Movement
Serial #


  Folks, here are some of the nicest, close to mint hunters you will ever have the opportunity to acquire! The dials and movements are every bit as nice as the cases. Here's a High Relief Engraved Elgin for you!

Circa 1904, Pendant Set, Adjusted to positions, RR Grade in this 1904 time period, this is a very nice 16S Elgin Grade 339 Hunter with the 17 Jewel 3 Fingered Bridge Movement! They don't come much cleaner or nicer, folks..check this one out!

Case... is a J Boss 25 Yr YGF Hunting Case in outstanding condition. Beautiful highly engraved front and back, shows almost new. Lots of different raised engraving patterns going on with this one! Nice Village scene on back. This was the creme of the crop in gold filled hunting cases back then! Beautiful High Relief Engraved Hunting Case!

Dial... is original Elgin glass enamel RR single sunk bold Roman Rail Road dial. One lite line below 29.

Movement... is Elgin Grade #339 Running well, has been checked and timed, will come with timing papers. Shows as new. Has been in the safe a long time. Very nice movement!
Folks, if you collect these beautiful Elgins, this would definitely belong in your portfolio as well. There were lots of nice timepieces in the Pre-WW1 era, costing many, many times as much. None were any nicer, finer built, or kept better time than these American Pocketwatches! To come onto one this clean and with this much unusual engraving is a treasure! What a case! Beautiful 17J Elgin 3FB Hunter.......$489.00








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